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Costs and Fees - the hourly rate

What a good Funeral Celebrant costs: Fee

The best and fairest way to pay a funeral celebrant is by an hourly rate set by the individual celebrant and accepted by you. As a guide, the planning and writing of the whole ceremony, the preparation of the eulogy, and the preparation and checking of all elements typically takes between 10 and 40 hours. Most celebrants require a minimum payment - you should enquire what this is.
I have observed that most charge between $60 and $160 per hour, depending on qualifications and experience.

Client families should never ask the Funeral Director to arrange a celebrant because too many prefer "celebrants" who are quick and trouble free for obvious money-making reasons. If you get stuck with one of these celebrants make sure you instruct them with what you require. In letting the celebrant know your requirements, assure that celebrant that they can invoice you for an hourly rate over and above what the Funeral Director pays her (Funeral Directors usually pay very low fees).

Legal position on fees: Lawyer Moira Rayner in pdf