Funeral Music and Song


Funeral music should have a relevant basis. It should be either a favourite of the deceased, a song which applies to the personality of the deceased, or reflective of his/her era.

I was driving recently, and "Remember Me' was on my car radio and I
had to pull over as it was affecting me so much. At the time, I felt it was
one of the best pieces of music I had ever heard and certainly wonderful at
springing open the floodgates of grieving and loss.
I am speaking of the song (Dido's Lament) by Purcell from Dido & Aeneas. It is so powerful.

(From graduate of the college Funeral Celebrant Jennifer Grierson)

The following funeral song list was compiled for this site by Dawn Dickson one of the most experienced and popular funeral celebrants In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Funeral songs popular in 2018

Stairway to heaven -------------- Led Zepplin
Sweet child O’mine -------------- Guns n Roses
Wish you were here -------------- Pink Floyd
You’re my best friend -------------- Queen
Knockin On Heavens Door -------------- Guns N’ Roses
November Rain -------------- Guns N’ Roses
Pictures of You -------------- The Cure
My Immortal -------------- Evanescence

Funeral songs often chosen

Amazing Grace -------------- Elvis Presley
Angels -------------- Robbie Williams
Beautiful Boy -------------- John Lennon
Bridge Over Troubled water -------------- Simon & Garfunkel
Circle of Life -------------- Elton John
Danny Boy -------------- Celtic Woman
Don’t dream its over -------------- Crowded House
Fly -------------- Celine Dion
Goodbye my friend -------------- Linda Ronstadt
Goodbye’s the saddest word -------------- Celine Dion
Goodnight sweetheart -------------- Mills Brothers
I will always love you -------------- Whitney Houston
I’ll see you in my dreams -------------- Joe Brown
Imagine -------------- John Lennon
In the arms of an angel -------------- Sarah Maclachlan
My Way -------------- Frank Sinatra
Memories -------------- Elvis Presley
Only time -------------- Enya
Photographs & Memories -------------- Jim Croce
Somewhere over the rainbow -------------- Israel Kamakawiwo
Somewhere out there -------------- Celine Dion
Stand by me -------------- John Lennon
Supermarket Flowers -------------- Ed Sheeran
Tears in heaven -------------- Eric Clapton
The Prayer -------------- Andrea Bocelli
The Living Years -------------- Mike and the Mechanics
Time to say goodbye -------------- Brightman/ Bocelli
To where you are -------------- Josh Groban
We’ll meet again -------------- Vera Lyn
We’ll meet again -------------- Johnny Cash
What a wonderful world -------------- Louis Armstrong
When September ends -------------- Green Day
Wind Beneath my wings -------------- Bette Midler
You raise me up -------------- Josh Groban
You raise me up -------------- Westlife
You were always on my mind -------------- Elvis Presley